A3 Youth Mission Statement:

Our A3 Youth program provides the opportunity for young men and women to play a significant role in our organization as well as improve their relationship with God along the way.  Joining is completely free and open to any individuals ages fourteen to twenty-one motivated to making a difference and sharing God’s love.

What We Do:

Once ordained part of our team, A3 Youth work together alongside our Ministry Members to expand the 501(c)3 as well as spread The Gospel to those in despair. We interact via conference calls and livestreams, and your voice will be heard. If you want to make a change in people’s lives and meet incredible people from around the world, we welcome you to our team.





Pastor Micah Boughman

Youth Worldwide Leader

Dave Beresford

Youth United Kingdom Leader

Ezekiel Sarmiento

Youth Philippines Leader

Johnnie W. Smith Jr

Youth America Leader

Casey Voss

Youth West Coast Leader

Austin Woodall

Youth South Coast Leader

Victor Rodas

Youth Mid West Area Leader

Jacob A. Totten

Youth East Coast Leader