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My name is Micah Boughman, to start off with my testimony God has always had a plan for my life and has always been there and will always be. I was born in a small town called Whiteville which is a town near the North Carolina Coast in Columbus County.

My parents are both believers and so is my little sister.  I was raised in church and was saved at a younger age at age 5 at Antioch Baptist Church because I felt the call to be saved, I understood the plan of Salvation and accepted Christ and gave my entire life to Him, and I am continuing to grow in my faith and love of a Jesus still to this day, a pastor came and spoke with me to make sure I knew what the plan of salvation was and I accepted Christ, began to trust Him completely and I gave my entire life to Jesus.

I remember bits and pieces of that and I remember something, I’m not sure if it was a dream then of me talking with Jesus around that time. The Pastor remarked about something spiritual about me that he believed I would do great things for God’s Kingdom and my great grandmother Anne Sherrill on my moms side who is with Jesus now told my mom I would be a Pastor one day. I was bullied in Elementary school and  had to learn to forgive those who bullied me. I went to a private middle school  and had a class of four my last year there. My first year I had one of the greatest Pastors I’ve seen as my youth pastor, this man was a younger pastor, His name is Adam Long. This person had such a fire for Jesus I haven’t seen elsewhere .

This Youth group was such an awesome fellowship as well, I have many friends from there, we ate together and read God’s Word  together, and did life together. I was really close close with almost everyone there. We usually played the Wii before Pastor Adam gave a message from God’s Word and helped us grow in that, until about two months in we kept doing that until he put the Wii away and told us it was time to make more time for God’s Word which made us confused and upset, but in that time we used to play the Wii he helped us love God and His Word more. He did demonstrations with candles about the light of Jesus shining in the darkness through us and taught us a lesson on forgiveness while playing kickball.

He laid flat on his back and didn’t move and stayed there, we put grass on his face and in his mouth to be funny and he finally got up , and when we got back Sunday night he said he forgives us although that was not nice and if it came down to it he would give his life for us if a serial killer came in because he cared for us that much he said. That taught me a big lesson on forgiveness that day. One day he said he was leaving because he believed God was calling him elsewhere, before he left he washed our feet and every single person in the room was wailing because he left such an impact on us because he let the light of Jesus shine through him.

He told me when it was my turn that God was going to use me so greatly and he told me I was crazy but a good crazy, crazy for Jesus, and he said to stay crazy for Jesus. After he left there were many youth pastors, then that church merged with another church that I was a part of. I lead some to Christ for the first time in awhile after that happened and felt called to the ministry around the first year of high school I believe. When I got to high school it was a big shock because I was used to a class of four and that helped me grasp also how much people need Jesus, I also got distracted freshman year from doing what I was supposed to do and tried to run away from my calling. I wasn’t attending the fellowship of believers at that place, I was forsaking it, which was wrong.

Second semester sophomore year I heard someone, it could have been God “ Micah What benefit have you gained from all this” so I said “ Nothing “, then I tried to form my own group with someone else, then I realized I needed to plug in to the right one, so I did, I met great but few Christians there, I got involved with the leadership there. Junior year  a friend of mine from that close Youth group Pastor Adam used to lead was killed by a tree limb, that made me think about a lot of stuff, it troubled me because I felt the need to do something about it, then I was a church intern, I went to this Christian conference, then surrendered my life to a more specific calling in ministry, that April I got to know God’s Christian Warriors Inc/Kingdom Shield Of Faith.

Eventually this ministry believed I was set apart for this way to serve the Lord especially and this great ministry has given me ordination papers and took me in as a pastor for me to serve God. I look forward to working in Asheville and wherever God leads after that. I owe everything to Jesus, He has my entire life, my best, my All my everything, although I fail and life can get tough, He alone is enough. Jesus Christ Above all, Jesus is Lord, My life belongs entirely to Him . I want this testimony to Reflect Christ and my Newness in Him Everyday. I will never let go of God’s Hand, I love Jesus. He is Everything, he is greater than myself. He saved a terrible man like me I can never thank Him enough.


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